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If you’re still worried about what to choose a sleeping bag for outdoor, this will be your best choice. We have specially designed different filling weights to meet the specific requirements of different people for temperature scales. Whether you are prepared to go camping, mountaineering, climbing, cycling, fishing, or traveling, whatever it is.

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If you are still worried about how to choose an outdoor sleeping bag, this will be your best choice. This solid color mommy sleeping bag is a classic improved style. It uses a denser stitch density. The gap between the top and bottom stitches is gradually reduced. The filling is evenly distributed according to the size of the body part, making the overall wrapping better. It has strong warmth retention and also accords with ergonomic design. The main color scheme is black on the outside and red on the inside, which is more resistant to dirt and more fashionable. Of course, if you have other preferences for the color of the sleeping bag, we also provide color customization services. A variety of fabric colors are available for you to choose. Our outer fabrics are treated with water repellent and tear-proof, which is very easy to clean up and can be cleaned with one wipe. The lining fabric is also treated with anti-lint, which can effectively wrap the inner filling. The filling of this sleeping bag is made of high-quality white duck down, with high fluffiness and excellent warmth retention. We have specially designed different filling weights to meet the specific requirements of different people for temperature, whether you are planning to go camping, mountaineering, Mountain climbing, cycling, fishing or traveling can be used according to different filling materials and adapt to different environmental temperatures. This sleeping bag takes full advantage of the fluffy characteristics of down and takes up very little space after storage. It will not take up too much space at home or in the trunk, making your travel easier. We provide a lot of customized services, such as printing LOGO, patterns, fillings, etc., or changing the sleeping bag size according to your requirements. You are welcome to consult and order.


Tips for improving sleep environment temperature

Choose the right shape and size of your sleeping bag, choose the sleeping bag sewn according to the curve of the human body, which is what we call the "Mummy" shape sleeping bag. It has better wrapping performance, reduces the air flow space, so as to improve the warmth retention, and at the same time reduces the weight, so as to make the equipment lightweight. In addition, when we choose sleeping bags, we are just like clothes There will be large, medium and small sizes to choose from, so you should choose your sleeping bag according to your height and body shape. If the sleeping bag space is too large, we can also insert some clothes to make the space smaller, so as to achieve the purpose of improving warmth. Also, we can adjust the drawstring at the mouth of the sleeping bag to improve warmth or heat dissipation.

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