Camouflage shell waterproof rip-stop portable military sleeping bag for extremely cold weather

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Have you ever been awakened during the cold night? When you lie in a sleeping bag in your tent, shivering and shivering, unable to sleep easily because of the cold, listening to the cold wind, rain and snow outside, do you look forward to having such a sleeping bag that allows you to enjoy your warm sleep in an extremely cold weather? Now, it is time to let make your choice, you deserve this equipment.

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These digital camouflage sleeping bags are specially designed for army, explorers, hunters and those who are military fans. There are various kinds of colors for options, which are can be suitable in many different landforms, such as jungle, wild, mountains etc. These are made of 20D 380T Nylon fabrics, which are windproof, water repellent, rip-stop, super warm and some other excellent performance. As we all known, normally, the environment of outdoor adventure are cold and wet, so it is very essential that the shell fabric is processed DWR(Durable Water Repellent) treatment, which can protect your sleeping bag from moisture in a great extent. We can customize colors, materials, styles, size etc, according to your request. This sleeping bag is filled with 1200g 90% duck down, most factories use 85% duck down or 80% duck down, may be lower 80%, but we insist on using 90% duck down with a high Fill Power of 650+, which can make it very warm even in the cold areas. At present, many countries in Europe and the North America have signed contracts with us, inviting us to help produce military supplies. The strict requirements of the military on products prove that we have enough professional strength, using very high-quality down filling materials and various high-quality fabrics. To ensure the quality of the product, if you have the requirements for the use of sleeping bags in a professional environment, definitely we can meet your request. We know it deeply that different customers have different needs, and we will try our best to meet your needs. We can supply all kinds of OEM & ODM services for you and your clients, due to our company has more than 20 years experience in this industry. Frankly speaking, we know what you want and make it happen.


How to choose sleeping bag?

1. Choose sleeping bags according to your figure: too small sleeping bags will be too tight to turn around and uncomfortable; too large sleeping bags will affect the warmth retention if they are empty.

2. Pay attention to the temperature scale of sleeping bag: all along, the most important data of sleeping bag selection is the temperature scale. Temperature scale is divided into three data: limit temperature scale (that is, the lowest temperature scale, using blue temperature bar), comfort temperature scale (this temperature scale is also divided into high and low temperature scales by some manufacturers, using blue to orange temperature bar), and maximum temperature scale (using red temperature bar).

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