Luxury pure cotton white 95 goose down duvet FP650-750

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This is a pure white high-quality duvet, all raw materials are carefully selected and hand-sewn, so the workmanship is very solid and fine, whether it is for gifts or home use, or used in luxury hotels, it is very There are grades.

His fabric is 100% cotton fabric, through anti-drilling and velvet treatment, which effectively guarantees the velvet content inside the quilt, and has a layer of antibacterial layer, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria and protect the health of the family; the interior uses velvet content Up to 95% of white goose down has a bulkiness of 650~750. Because of the characteristics of down, the quilt will be very light, and the cover duvet will not have a feeling of squeezing, and it will feel very comfortable; the process adopts 3D lining technology, And the routing is very even, so the down distribution is also very even, so that the duvet has a particularly good warmth.

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