All employees of the Sherissa Group put on military uniforms. What are you doing?

On the morning of March 26, welcoming the warm spring sun, with the passionate national anthem, the five-star red flag was raised high in the courtyard of Ceresa Company. All employees of Ceresa Down Products Co., Ltd. greeted with “unity and hard work”. The military training with the theme of “development” kicked off.


Group President Liu Jianhong said that soldiers are the most united when performing tasks. There is no one. They only have the interests of the country and the people in their hearts. As employees of the company, we must resolutely learn from them, unite and work hard. In order to better develop the company, we have every reason to believe that military training is an effective shortcut for companies to quickly form teams and improve team combat effectiveness and cohesion.

The army has the most concentrated, unified, tense, and strictest rules and regulations. Enterprises should use the strict style of the army to regulate the words and deeds of employees, and use military training to improve employees’ work execution, enhance their overall quality, enhance their team spirit, and enhance their cohesion, centripetal force, and combat effectiveness.


Mr. Liu said: This military training is to combine the team spirit of the army with the corporate culture, integrate the management concept of the army into the company, strengthen corporate team building, strengthen the intimate relationship between the company and its employees, and share one’s heart. Think about it everywhere, work hard in one place, unite closely, and make adequate preparations for the development opportunities brought by the Xiongan New District.

Post time: Jul-01-2021

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