Charity | Winter Charity Activities of Hebei Xueruisha Group Warm People’s Heart


On December 24, 2019, Hebei Xueruisha Group joined hands with Hebei Hongan Law Firm to help the poor and went to Shanggeer Village, Quyang County, to donate over 80,000 yuan worth of winter down jackets, rice and oil.


On December 20, 2019, the donation ceremony of Hebei Xueruisha Group to Bamugou Village, Chicheng County, Zhangjiakou was held at Bamugou Village Committee. Guo Jian, Secretary of the Party Committee of Hebei University, Guo Xinyao, Secretary of the Party Committee of Chicheng County, Shan Yaojun, Director of the Party Office of Hebei University, Wang Zhonghua, First Secretary of the Targeted Poverty Alleviation Working Group in Bianmugou Village, and leaders of counties and towns attended the donation ceremony. Zhou Chunlei was fully entrusted by Mr. Liu Jianhong to be responsible for the donation work. The donation of life supplies such as brand-name down jackets and rice oil is equivalent to more than 70,000 yuan.

[The above picture comes from the circle of friends of Mr. Liu Jianhong, Chairman of Xueruisha Group]


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The leader of Baiyangdian down industry

Working hard to transform and upgrade to serve the Xiongan New District-Liu Jianhong

-President of Baoding Xueruisa Group

-"National leader in rural youth getting rich" "National Textile Worker Model"

Recommended reason: In the past 20 years, his Xueruisha Down Products Co., Ltd. has purchased and processed nearly 50,000 tons of feathers and produced and sold 2.2 million down products. It has become an enterprise group integrating livestock and poultry breeding and slaughtering and processing, down raw materials, down products, outdoor products production, and e-commerce. It has three "famous trademarks in Hebei Province" of Xueruisha, Edelweiss, and Litshu.

Born into a poor fisherman's family in Baiyangdian, he started as a hair scouring worker and embarked on the road of entrepreneurship at the age of 19, with perseverance. As an industry leader, he actively participates in the formulation of the down standards of the China Down Industry Association, and actively leads enterprises in the construction of pollution control facilities. In recent years, the company has donated more than 2 million yuan to the society and donated more than 10,000 down jackets.

He created the famous brand "Edelweiss" in 2009. The products sell well in dozens of large and medium-sized cities such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Chongqing, and rank among the highlands of winter fashion tourism in Europe and America. In 2010, Xueruisha invested heavily in contracting five large duck factories in Shandong, with a daily production of 190,000 duck feathers, and gradually formed a one-stop operation pattern of agriculture, industry and trade.

After the establishment of the Xiongan New Area, he devoted himself to his own transformation and upgrading, planning to enlarge the down exhibition hall in the new area, and do a good job of industrial tourism; strengthen scientific research and development, relying on the advantages of big data to build a futures and spot online sales platform for down products.

Post time: Nov-27-2020

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