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She is a fiber, but different from other fibers. She has a unique spherical structure and looks like a dandelion after another. She contains air, absorbs moisture and expels moisture, and can breathe by herself. She is gentle and warm. She is the best bedding filling material in the world. She is unique, green and natural down.

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•What’s down

Down is composed of many clusters of filaments growing on the branches of feathers without hair poles. It looks more like a dandelion seed. Down is light and fluffy. It is used as an inner layer for keeping warm by geese, ducks and other waterfowl. Down is by far the best natural material for human warmth preservation. After washing, drying and grading, it is made into down clothes, down bedding and other products. Compared with man-made materials, the heating capacity of down is three times that of general man-made materials. At present, more than 50% of the world’s down comes from China. Down is made up of down and feathers. Down is made up of Tufts of filaments that grow out of the barbs of feathers without hair rods and, through the down, cross each other to form a stable thermal shield. Therefore, down is the main material for keeping warm. There are about a million filaments per ounce of down. The fine filaments with better quality are longer, and the flocks formed are correspondingly larger. Feathers are small feathers with feathers on the back and tail of ducks or geese. They are also formed after long feathers are broken. The content of feathers cannot be too high, but it must contain a certain proportion because it can improve the fluffy degree of down.

微信图片_20210910161257hgjhgjhgkhk •Fluff

Fluffy flower refers to a layer of fluff on the skin of waterfowl. Many fluffy filaments radiate from the fluffy nucleus and form a flower shape. There are countless fluffy filaments staggered with each other, which can fly in the wind like dandelion.







Feathers mainly cover the outer layer of birds, and their structure is planar. A feather is a hard trunk from one end to theother, and a plane structure is composed of a series of fibers on both sides of the trunk.


•The difference between feathers and down

Feather is a plane structure, which is mainly used for flight, and smaller feathers are used for protection. Down is a three-dimensional structure, soft and fluffy, mainly used to keep warm. Why is down so light and can keep warm so well?

Because of the three-dimensional structure of down, it can “expand”. Each cluster of down filaments can hold more air than other man-made materials under the same weight. Each ounce of down has about 2 million filaments. These filaments overlap and interweave each other to form a protective layer that can be insulated and insulated by fixing air.

•Classification of down

Down can be divided into goose down and duck down according to the source, white and gray down according to the color. Of course, in addition, there are black down produced by Icelandic eiderdown and so on. Relatively speaking, better down usually comes from larger and more mature birds, so goose down will be slightly better than duck down. In terms of color, White Velvet is more popular than gray velvet because it is white and can be used for light colored fabrics without color penetration. Color: grey velvet, white velvet. Source: duck down, goose down. Ingredients: range from 5% to 95%. For example: 90% white velvet and so on.

Post time: Sep-10-2021

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