Down Advantage

● Why is it better to use down as a thermal layer than man-made materials

Compared with man-made materials, ounces of down can provide about three times the warmth of man-made materials. Its fluffy ability is better, more durable and more uniform. Artificial materials will leave some “cold spots” by splicing the substrate and fabric, while down forms a “mold” around the human body through different expansion. Down also has very good air permeability and can drain sweat through capillarity. In this way, people will not feel sticky, which is often felt when using artificial materials. Moreover, down can reduce allergies, unless it is a person with congenital severe allergies or a friend who is also allergic to other substances. Because the fabric of down products is high count, high-density and anti drilling down, it can prevent mites from entering. A New Zealand study shows that down bedding is less likely to collect dust than other bedding materials .

•Down Comfort

Friends who have slept in high-end hotels know that bedding is comfortable. Besides warmth retention, the biggest highlight of down quilts is excellent comfort, light and warm seasons and extreme deep sleep enjoyment. If you go to shopping malls in developed European and American countries or Japan, it is difficult to buy other quilts except down quilts or down quilts. The average penetration rate in these countries has reached more than 90% .

•The cost of down

The price of a high-quality down quilt is dozens of times that of an ordinary quilt, which many people are discouraged, but from an economic point of view, it is the most affordable. A set of high-grade goose down quilt with a service life of about 5000 yuan has been used for more than 20 years. Calculated, it only costs 0.685 yuan per day to enjoy light, warm and comfortable bedding. The comfort level is unmatched by any high-grade shop, And only need a quilt all year round, which can not only reduce the burden, but also liberate the cabinet at home.

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Post time: Sep-06-2021

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