Feathers in the poetry

The interesting thing about evolving a feather is that it has to grow. It can’t be made in an instant like pouring hot hot iron into a mold shell to make a bullet: that small, light feather, like a fern leaf, slowly branches into floating fine fibers step by step, one by one, so is the small down feather held between my fingers and trembling with my breath and pulse, The same is true of the complete feather coat in the history of animal evolution. ——————-Grant a|len

This is the strangest feeling you can imagine: floating freely in space, of course, there is some terrible strangeness at first, but when the fear disappears, this feeling is not disgusting at all. It is extraordinary peace; In fact, as far as I know, the most similar experience in the world is lying on a thick and soft feather

mattress. Herbert George Wells ————-H50357793a74dc3c0b59c8ab9954ada7.G. wels


Post time: Nov-13-2021

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