History And Civilization

As long as there is land, there will be a variety of life. Birds bring plant seeds, collect flowers, pollinate, store seeds, and start their initial prosperity. It is the planting method of birds that magically makes the earth prosperous, so that plants can spread widely on the earth and make natural populations colorful. Birds are spiritual things, different from others. Birds hold mysterious bodies. They create and fly. They inspire human wisdom and provide principles and blueprints for human beings to explore ideal technical devices or means of transportation. Birds are the assistant of human material civilization construction. Eagles strike the sky and pigeons soar thousands of miles. Birds can fly freely in the air. If they like, their journey can cross the two poles of the earth. How much attraction and encouragement it is to mankind!

A bird is an imitation of God. People’s imaginary angel is designed according to the image of the combination of man and bird.

Since the history of human civilization was revealed, birds have a very close relationship with human beings. The beautiful feathers of birds, the gentle and loud singing, the migration from south to North and all kinds of legends about birds are all the themes sung by literati. The famous poems left over from the past dynasties have added countless wonderful flowers to Wenyuan. There are more than 30 kinds of birds mentioned in the book of songs, a collection of poems in the spring and Autumn period of China, which can be seen from the praise of birds. Birds are not only included in poetry, but also the objects of ancient and modern painters.

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Post time: Aug-30-2021

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