How to choose the duvet that suits you?

Duvets are a daily necessities that many families need, especially in winter, when the weather is cold. A good duvet can make us sleep well. Now the quality of duvets on the market varies, so choose a good duvet. It still takes some effort.

When buying a duvet, you can relax and flatten the duvet and let it recover naturally for three minutes. Then press the duvet with your hand, and then loosen it. If it can quickly rebound and return to its original shape, it is a good product.


Good quality duvets are fluffy and soft when touched by hand, without obvious flakes and hard stems. If the hand feels better, but the elasticity is poor, and the quilt cannot be restored and swelled for a long time after being pressed by hand, it may be mixed with other textile materials. If there is a rough, grainy, and other strange hand feeling, it means that the down quality in the quilt is inferior.
When buying duvets, pay attention to good duvets, which are generally free of impurities and odor, and the quality of the material can also be seen in the workmanship of the duvet cover. At the same time, when the down content index is the same, a heavier quilt means that more down is needed and the price will be more expensive.
Generally, the price of down is a few hundred to thousands of yuan. The price fluctuation mainly depends on the quality. The finished product also depends on the cost of the entire quilt. I remind everyone not to be greedy for small and cheap. If the price of the down quilt is very low, It may be fake duvets or inferior products.

Nowadays, the types of duvet fabrics on the market are quite diverse, such as pure cotton, anti-running down, silk, anti-noise and so on. Generally speaking, silk is higher than cotton, and cotton is higher than nylon, but it cannot be generalized.
Generally, the down content of a duvet is usually between 15-70%. A higher down content means that the quilt is more warm and lighter, and the quilt contains less wool and is more comfortable. Therefore, The higher the velvet content index, the more expensive the price.
To see if there is running down, lightly tap the duvet to see if there is fluff or dust running out. A good duvet will not run out and leak dust. In addition, during the tapping process, there should be no obvious hard particles and hard objects inside.
Good quality duvets usually feel softer, with only a few small pieces, which will rebound quickly after being loosened. If the quilt contains more large pieces or hard materials, the quality of the quilt is usually not high.

Post time: Jun-26-2021

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