How to maintain the sleeping bag to make the sleeping bag play the best heat preservation effect?

The indispensable partner for outdoor camping is sleeping bags. The use of sleeping bags is also very important. People who can’t use them will feel cold even at low temperatures. What are the tips for using sleeping bags?

In the wild, a windshield tent can provide a warm sleeping environment. When choosing a camp, don’t choose the bottom of the valley, where the cold air gathers, and try to avoid the ridges or valleys that are subject to strong winds.
A good moisture-proof pad can effectively separate the sleeping bag from the cold and wet ground, and the inflatable effect is better. Two ordinary moisture-proof pads are required on the snow.

The water absorbed by the sleeping bag is not mainly from the outside world, but from the human body. Even in extremely cold conditions, the human body will discharge at least a small cup of water during sleep. After being damp, the thermal insulation cotton will stick and lose its elasticity, and the thermal insulation ability will decrease. If the sleeping bag is used continuously for many days, it is best to dry it in the sun. Frequent cleaning of the sleeping bag can keep the thermal insulation cotton elastic.
Some softer clothes can also be used as thicker pajamas. Filling the gap between the person and the sleeping bag can also enhance the warmth retention of the sleeping bag.
The human body is the source of heat for sleeping bags. If you do a short warm-up exercise or drink a cup of hot drink before going to bed, your body temperature will increase slightly and help shorten the warming time of the sleeping bag.
When using a sleeping bag, the most easily contaminated place is the head. In order to reduce the number of cleanings, some sleeping bags are equipped with a removable pad on the head. After using it for a period of time, just take it off and wash it. If you don’t have such a liner, you might as well wear a cap when using a sleeping bag to get the same effect.
The best way to clean a down sleeping bag is to do it yourself. In the bathtub, slowly wash with a lot of soap, it will make your sleeping bag very smooth.
The best way to keep a down sleeping bag is to choose a large and well-ventilated storage bag to keep it in a fluffy state. The down products should not be wet and should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, that is, after using the down sleeping bag outdoors, try to expose to the sun as much as possible. Blow the air to keep the sleeping bag dry. If such conditions are lacking in the wild, this procedure must not be omitted after returning to the city.
When using a sleeping bag, pay attention to keeping it dry, because the degree of warmth is greatly reduced when the sleeping bag is wet, especially the down sleeping bag, it will not keep warm at all. Therefore, in heavy rain or water activities, the backpack should be protected to avoid water, or the sleeping bag should be sealed with a water bag in advance.
After the sleeping bag is damp, it should be dried or air-dried when conditions permit. The damp down sleeping bag cannot be stored for a long time, otherwise it will become moldy or even eaten.
When not in use for a long time, try to store it in a loose and free state to maintain the nature of down and cotton and prolong the service life, especially for down sleeping bags. Try to store them in a dedicated down sleeping bag storage bag (loose and breathable cotton) bag). As a personal hygiene product, sleeping bags should be avoided as much as possible.
The most common is the incorrect use of sleeping bags. Sleeping bags with a temperature scale lower than 0 degrees will have a breast wall, in order to tighten the head and then tighten the chest, so that double insulation, but I often see some friends If you use a sleeping bag to train, you can’t pull it up, and you won’t be able to close the rope. Can you stay cold in the middle of the night?
The sleeping bag cannot always be in the compression bag when it comes home. It should be opened to maintain its thickness, so as to better maintain its performance. It is best to leave it in the sun for one or two days before each use.
When camping outdoors, the body’s cold will start from the feet, so you can use your own fleece or down jacket, pull up and stretch your feet from the waist of the clothes to the head, and then enter the sleeping bag to ensure that your Your feet are warm, you sleep until dawn, and you often wake up!
Find an aluminum water bottle with an elastic water bottle cover outside, boil a pot of boiling water before going to bed, put it in a sleeping bag, hehe, there is still warm water to drink the next morning!
Put the unused clothes taken off in a long stick shape and put it on the side of your body to increase the thickness between the sleeping bag and the tent, which can reduce the rate of temperature loss.
Find a warm hat, preferably fleece. Wearing it will keep your head warm all night without catching a cold.


Post time: Jun-28-2021

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