Recommended guide for outdoor sleeping bags in 2021: Are sleeping bags useful? How to choose sleeping bags, so that you no longer have to make troubles and buy sleeping bags easily!

When playing outdoors, sleeping bags are one of the most important equipment. It consumes a lot of physical energy during the day. If you don’t rest well at night, the next day’s journey will be very difficult. A good sleeping bag can give you temperature protection and a comfortable rest during outdoor activities such as camping and mountain climbing.
One, the recommended points of sleeping bags-type
Sleeping bags are divided into ordinary/professional sleeping bags.

1. Ordinary sleeping bag: Synthetic cotton is often used as the filling, which is large in size, poor in warmth, and is heavy. Ordinary sleeping bags are recommended for low-altitude recreational camping. Does high-altitude camping make the baby tired/cold to death?

2. Professional sleeping bag: Down is commonly used as filling material, small in size, good in warmth, and very light. Professional sleeping bags are recommended for high altitude/winter camping.

Summary: Although the professional sleeping bag is expensive, it has excellent performance and good maintenance. It can be used for more than ten years.
Second, the recommended points of sleeping bags-styling
There are three main types of sleeping bags.

1. Envelope shape: Large space for movement, casual posture, but the weight is too large, and the warmth is general. Therefore, the envelope sleeping bag is recommended for leisure camping.

Envelope sleeping bag
2. Mummy shape: small space for movement, limited movement, but it will heat up quickly and keep warm, and it is lighter and smaller, has a hood to prevent cold wind, and thicken the feet to keep warm. Therefore, the mummy sleeping bag is recommended for high-altitude camping.

Mummy-shaped sleeping bag
3. Mixed shape: The recommendation is not high. Although the advantages of the above two are combined, it is a bit different. As mentioned above, the envelope shape is recommended for leisure camping sleeping bags, and the mummy shape is recommended for high altitude camping sleeping bags.

Hybrid sleeping bag

Summary: For self-driving travel and leisure camping, envelope sleeping bags are the most recommended; for outdoor hiking camping, mummy sleeping bags are the most recommended.

Third, the recommended points of sleeping bags-composition
1. Fabric
The requirements for professional sleeping bag fabrics are quite high. They must be wear-resistant and waterproof, as well as light and fleece-proof.

Abrasion resistance: not abrasion resistance, run down after a few times of use, the warmth retention will be greatly reduced;
Waterproof: In outdoor camping, the water vapor exhaled by people will condense into water or thin ice when it is cold. The sleeping bag fabric is not waterproofed, which will wet the sleeping bag and affect the warmth retention effect;
Lightness: climbing and trekking consumes energy, if it is still heavy, then…
Anti-drilling velvet: Keep running velvet, and the warmth keeps getting worse; generally use high-density nylon above 200T to prevent velvet running.
In addition, the fabric should also form a partition system to fix and evenly distribute the fillers to prevent cold spots, so that the sleeping bag has a good thermal insulation effect. ps: The cold spot is not covered by filler, and the cold air will be driven in for a long time.

There are several ways to divide the compartment (left side), and high-quality sleeping bags will use a variety of ways (right side) to keep warm.

2. Filling
The size, weight, and durability of the sleeping bag are closely related to the filling. There are two types of filling, down and artificial cotton.

a, down

At present, down is the best warm material. Of course, down sleeping bags are also divided into good and bad, which can be distinguished from three indicators of down content, bulkiness, and down filling. In addition, goose down is generally better than duck down. Goose down has a higher bulkiness and a lower taste.

Down content: Down contains feathers and down. The ratio of down and down is called down content. The higher the down content, the more warm it is.
Bulkiness: the volume of one ounce of down, the higher the bulkiness, the better the warmth and the better the compressibility.
Down bulkiness

Filling amount: the total weight of the filled down, generally the heavier it is to keep warm, but too much filling will reduce the bulkiness, so it must be considered comprehensively.
b. Artificial cotton

Artificial cotton is not only heavier, but its warmth retention will get worse, and its service life will be short. It is not recommended for high-altitude camping.

3. Zipper
It’s so important, I can’t even think about it when the zipper is broken: the night is long, the cold wind is flowing, and I can’t sleep…

Fourth, the recommended points of sleeping bags-temperature scale
Before a sleeping bag is recommended, it is necessary to figure out the temperature scale. It generally has 3 parameters: the lower limit of the comfortable temperature, the comfortable temperature range, and the upper limit of the comfortable temperature.

Lower limit of comfort temperature: If the ambient temperature is lower than this value, it will be too cold to sleep.
Comfortable temperature range: The ideal temperature for using sleeping bags, within this range, everything is just right.
Upper comfort temperature limit: If the ambient temperature is higher than this value, it will be too hot to sleep.
Summary: It is recommended to buy a sleeping bag based on the lower limit of the comfortable temperature. Compared with being frozen in the middle of the night, it is still a hot spot. When it is hot, you can open the zipper to cool down.

Post time: Jul-03-2021

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