Xiong’an New District Xue Ruisha Group Company “Sherisa Awakening Launch Conference”

Author: Li Ying

With the end of the Spring Festival holiday, the company has started a new year journey!

A good start is half the battle. On March 5, 2018, the Xueruisha Group Company in Xiong’an New District hosted the chairman of the group company, the president of the group company, and the general manager of each branch in the multifunctional hall on the first floor of the company. The heads of all departments and all employees participated in the "Xueruisha Awakening Launch Conference".


The kick-off meeting is to gather people's hearts and clarify various tasks. Instill the passion of employees and wake up from the laziness of the holidays. Let employees sort out the New Year’s plan, and gradually allocate it from month to day, and there is enough time to do every day. Put into work quickly with full enthusiasm.

The Awakening Launch Conference is divided into three sessions:

In the first session, the group chairman Pan Ruijie delivered a speech for the kick-off meeting. In his speech, Chairman Pan briefly described the company’s mental journey from its inception in 1997 to its formal establishment in 2006 and its upgrade to the development of Xueruisha Group. He clearly stated that “without the contributions of employees, there would be no Xueruisha’s today "Achievements", I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all employees who have grown up with Xueruisha.


In the second link, Liu Xiaopo and Liu Erwei, deputy general managers of the group company, respectively made work plans for 2018 and implementation measures for branch expansion operations.

The deputy general manager Liu Xiaopo is the general manager of the first branch of the group and Xueruisha Down Co., Ltd. First of all, Mr. Liu affirmed and thanked the employees for their hard work and achievements. Secondly, it is clear that the branch company shall follow the direction and guiding ideology of the head office, and carry out the work with the attitude that everyone is the master. Finally, the leaders at all levels are required to adjust their personal working methods as the basis, expand new projects, strengthen communication and coordination with various branches and departments, and strive to achieve greater glory in 2018.

The deputy general manager Liu Erwei is the general manager of the second branch of the group and Hebei Liteshu Down Products Co., Ltd. In the 2018 work plan, Mr. Liu formulates a new development strategy, implements a safety production accountability system, and completes the distribution performance of the group company. Employees are required to maintain the company's image, achieve "Essence of People" and build teamwork spirit. Finally, clarify the development direction of the branch: learn and follow up the development strategy of Liu Jianhong, the president of the group company, and become the leader of the Xiong'an New Area enterprise under the leadership of President Liu


In the third session, Liu Jianhong, president of the group company, made a concluding speech at the launch meeting. And put forward requirements for all employees:

1. Talk about civilization and be polite.

2. Obey the rules and be in a good mood.

3. Love the collective and respect the leadership.

In 2018, Mr. Liu’s management philosophy is his seven-character secret:

“Propaganda”. Promote corporate culture, philosophy and corporate spirit, and standardize employee values and behaviors with traditional ethical culture.

“Formulate”. Each branch has designated 2018 strategic plans and talent plans to clarify goals for employees.

“Talent”. Provide the talent stage for the company, let the general manager of each branch company do work debriefing, report the work plan, have responsibility and responsibility. 

“Learn”. Training and learning in 2018 will make the company the first productivity, allowing the heads of main functional departments to focus on learning the company's product system, product knowledge and other professionalism, and build a professional high-performance team.

“Reward”. Each branch has issued an annual reward plan to detonate the enthusiasm of employees and build a tiger-wolf teacher.

“Write”. The person in charge of each branch writes the annual goal and expansion plan, with the goal clarified, digitalized, and everyone picks up the heavy burden, and everyone has indicators.

“Action”. Emphasize execution, pragmatism and landing. The power of action is always greater than the power of language.


After the awakening kick-off meeting was over, all employees took a group photo to commemorate, and the employees devote themselves to their jobs with a new look and attitude.


Photo: Li Ying

Post time: Nov-27-2020

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