XUERUISHA new product release conference in Autumn.

On September 1, the press conference of shiraisa’s new down quilt was opened in the cross-border e-commerce conference hall on the first floor of shiraisa. Li Xuegong, President of Anxin County General Chamber of Commerce, and Niu Lianxiu, representative of Huawei, attended the launching ceremony. Under the guidance of Hebei xiong’an new chamber of Commerce, help xiong’an move back. The price of the new product is only 1399 yuan. There is a special offer for the Mid Autumn Festival and national day. Buy a down quilt and give it to Huawei mobile phone department! Only relocated households can purchase with ID card and discount card! New features: warm, tasteless, sterile, no shrinkage!

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Post time: Sep-02-2021

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